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Diverse Destinations

As we are here to give you the most unique experience of unexplored and unseen areas of Ladakh region mainly in Zanskar Valley.

Mountain Holiday

Stay with locals in their homes, sleep under 5 billion stars, wake up to the most mesmerizing sunrise, enjoy the local homecooked momos, vegetables freshly plucked from the home gardens.

Beautiful Places

Breath taking landscapes, colours of mountains & river, spend time with Lamas at beautiful monasteries with amazing view, go biking, trekking, river rafting, winter sports.

Passionate Travel

A combined experience of staying close to nature and even exploring the unexplored terrains of Leh & Ladakh

Welcome to Zanskar

About Zanskar Feels –The journey started back in 2018 where we went for the Frozen river trek – Chadar, we came to know that the locals got work in Zanskar only during the 1 month of this winter trek and remaining entire year they have to leave their families and stay in Leh city where the tourism is at peak. The French, Japanese and people from other countries have been visiting Zanskar valley from the 1980’s and the region is still unknown to most of Indian travellers. We are a company formed in association with these locals of Zanskar who are born and brought up in this beautiful region, who are equally passionate about introducing this place & their rich heritage which so far is untouched by the commercial travel industry.









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